EoM will contribute to improve/maintain the quality of IP networks for broadcasts

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What is EoM?

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Real-time IP Flow Monitoring

EoM will monitor IP flows in real-time and detect inconsistencies that can't be caught without.

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To-date Data Analysis

EoM can not only monitor real-time data, but it can also be utilized to analyze data from the past*.
* Up to 30 days of data stored at default hardware specs.

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Alert Users of Inconsistencies

EoM will alert users of inconsistencies so that users dont have to sit in front of the monitor throughout the broadcast.

Benefits of EoM

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Cuts Cost & Time

Utilizing EoM will help users detect problems faster which will cut the time users spend in front of the monitor.

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Improves Quality

By monitoring IP flows in real-time and detecting problems faster, EoM will help improve quality of broadcasts.

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Makes Things Easier

With the easy-to-use and highly customizable UI, EoM makes monitoring and maintenance of IP broadcasts a breeze.


<Actual voices from our customers>

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    We were able to check burst traffic per micro seconds which helped us check the status of the devices and network.
    - Head of Engineering Department, Major Broadcasting Company A

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    The IGMP packets are visualized which allowed us to easily confirm the connection status of the devices.
    - Senior Engineering Manager, Major Broadcasting Company A

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    We were able to shorten the time needed in order to detect inconsistencies during broadcast.
    - Broadcasting Engineer Team, Major Broadcasting Company B

YouTube Video

We have an introduction video uploaded on YouTube


The default setting for ElasticSearch stores 30 days of data.
It is dependent on the server specifications. Please check the recommended specs.

Unfortunately, no.
EoM was developed as a solution based on Xilinx’s FPGA inside the Arista7130 switch.
However, if there is a switch with the same FPGA, the development is thought to be fairly simple.
Please contact us for further information.

Excluding protocols with special encryptions, additional development is possible.
Please contact us for further information.

* If the EoM software malfunctions, only the monitoring is affected. There is no impact on the data distribution itself.
*If Arista7130 (the hardware) malfunctions, data distribution will also be affected. However, Arista7130 is a product that has many achievements at stock exchanges around the world and has extremely high stability.

Yes, that is possible.
It can be placed in between the two ends like a tap which allows for IP flow monitoring without the use of port mirroring.

One 10G NIC is required for every 8 ports.
Depending on the server specifications, multiple NIC can be used on one server.
Therefore, the number of IA servers required will depend on the server specifications and the number of NICs.

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